Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The 2010 Quarterfinal and Semifinal Results

Week 14
What an excellent Quarterfinals! 2010 has not been a disappointment on the competition front. 2009 was not a disappointment either. Glad to see the fierce bouts to survive have continued steadfast.

(3) SOCIAL ISoTopes 124.18
(6) Ghost 128.14

Of the two Quarterfinal games, the #3 SOCIAL ISoTopes v #6 Ghost was the closest. Ghost won by 3.96 FP. The final score 124.18 to 128.14. Just a sit/start away from winning too. If M Peltonen benched M Austin WR or B Lloyd WR for D Amendola WR or R Torain RB he would have had enough to usurp Ghost's attempt at playoff glory. As they say, hindsight is 20/20.

(4) Yer X-MOM 142.18
(5) Redmans CatClippers 129.46

The other Quarterfinal matchup was just as close. At the end of Sunday night's games 2009 Brothers Keeper Champion Yer X-MOM was down by a total of 52.43 FP to Redmans CatClippers 129.46 FP. Yer X-MOM had three players playing on Monday night who would have to do spectacular. A Johnson WR and A Foster RB were up against a stout Baltimore Raven Defense while D Mason WR, having an unspectacular year, played on the other side of the ball. It was going to be tough until D Mason over performed with 2 TDs. The 1st half was very slow for Houston's offense but the 2d half saw them awake to tie Baltimore's extensive lead late in the game to force overtime. Overtime wasn't even needed by Yer X-MOM for A Johnson WR ( FP), A Foster RB ( FP), and D Mason WR ( FP) combined to produce 61.15 FPs for the fantasy playoff game win. What a come from behind victory over a very formidable opponent in D Pilcher's Redmans CatClippers.

Week 15
The Semifinal matchups pitted the remaining titans against one another with the following results (see 2009's results if you'd like to reminisce):

(1) Yankinfowlsandfeline 121.87
(4) Yer X-MOM 134.21

This matchup was neck and neck all Sunday afternoon with J Smith's Yankinfowlsandfeline gaining and keeping a slight edge mostly. Late in the afternoon Yer X-MOM began to pull ahead thanks to a defensive TD from Atlanta and several other TDs. The sizable lead was maintained by the end of the night with despite the Sunday night game between New England's kicker S Graham and Green Bay's #1 WR G Jennings efforts. The real story was before the slate on Sunday's games even began. Each of Yankinfowlsandfeline's top fantasy producers failed to either show up to play due to injuries (A Rodgers Qb and K Orton QB) or lackluster performance (M Jones-Drew RB only scored 7.7 FP from 46 yards on 11 carries after having 6 straight weeks of 100 yards rushing). T Tebow QB made his NFL and fantasy debut and performed reasonably well in place of K Orton QB and A Rodgers QB as an early Sunday morning waiver wire free agent pick up by scoring 25.32 FPs. Well done. I couldn't imagine a better QB pickup that late off of free agency unless you knew R Grossman QB was going to score 37.78 FPs. Not even Yankinfowlsandfeline's optimal lineup subbing J Maclin WR (19.98 FP) in for G Jennings WR (11.4 FP) would have been enough to win (giving J Smith a total of 130.45 FPs). Yer X-MOM's players performed just a little bit better to gain a second consecutive championship appearance.

(6) Ghost 76.79
(2) TheSloppyButts 131.45

After eeking out a victory the previous week, Ghost's players just flopped. Week 14 must have been too hard on them. This was quite an embarrassment since in this writer's opinion, B Garner's lineup had much more favorable matchups against weak defenses than did M R Smith's players. In fact, some of TheSloppyButts's players did way better than they had been doing most of the season (e.g., R Rice RB 36.30 FPs). It is hard to know how to respond to a 45.34 FP loss on the big stage other than to say Ghost's disappointment in not attaining a championship must be frustrating. Don't Ghost always have sad faces?
On a side note, M Peltonen's SOCIAL ISoTopes scored a whopping 150.92 FPs in week 15. If he had not slipped out of a first round bye the last game of the regular season he would have had a second consecutive championship appearance easily beating any of the 4 Semifinalist teams. The snowball effect of that last regular season loss and the poor sit/start in week 14's Quarterfinal as noted above has made all the difference.
Two fantasy football juggernauts remain in the playoffs. The 2010 Brothers Keeper 4 Fantasy Football Championship game will pit the #4 seed P Smith's Yer X-MOM versus the #2 seed M R Smith's TheSloppyButts. Let's hope to for an exciting finish over week 16's Christmas weekend! Good Luck. Your trophy awaits!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Final 2010 Brothers Keeper 4 Regular Season Standings

After 13 weeks of competitive play, the end of the regular fantasy football season has arrived. It gives way to the new 6 team playoff format. So let's check in on the end of the regular season standings:

The Quarterfinal Playoff Matchups are as follows (according to the New Playoff Format):

1) Yankinfowlsandfeline

(4) Yer X-MOM
(5) Redmans CatClippers

(3) SOCIAL ISoTopes
(6) Ghost0.00

(2) TheSloppyButts

Good luck to those in the playoffs.

For those who did not make the playoffs there is a 2 week Consolation Bracket that will begin next week (Week 15):

(7) Kabuki Strikes Back

(10) Simba's Buttkicker!
11th Seed

(9) Points ON the Bench
12th Seed


I can just hear Jim Mora now.