Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 Pre-Keeper Values

Decisions. Decisions. With the countdown to the Brothers Keeper declaration date marching ever closer (two weeks from tonight, Sunday, August 12 at 11:59 PM CT) we have to weigh the values of or final 2011 rosters for the upcoming season. Who will we keep? Who will we throw away? Every year I struggle tremendously with this and this year is no different. Perhaps it is just as difficult for you. If it isn't, that means your team has no depth of talent! And that's okay, because you won't have the anguish others will feel for throwing players into the draft pool. Therefore it would be beneficial to the league to post the keeper values for each team's final roster from 2011.

This is usually done on a team by team basis when I post reviews for each team. While I have the basics in place for a possible series of posts covering each team's fantasy year and forthcoming expectations, I will venture to say that I will be unable to complete them in time.  If you are unable to see the values for your team please consult the Yahoo page for your team last year and do your own calculations. You can see some information there and on previous posts here.

I will review the information to see if it is correct. If you see anything that is incorrect please let me know and I will look into it and fix it if need be. However, in my estimate it is pretty accurate.

Again, I do not have the information to know who is and who is not developmental so we are on an honor system this year. I do know my own team's developmental eligible players. I hope you know your team's developmental eligible players.

Please log in to the league if you have yet to do so. We will need to nail down a draft date, time, and location. I hope you have a good offseason and wish you all the best as we stare down the beginning of league year activities.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet. From there you might be able to sort the information by team to see your team more succinctly. Otherwise, you also have the visual below.

Please be reminded that if you keep two 1st Round Keepers you will not have a second round pick. Also remember that if you keep two or more from the same round after the 1st round you will need to select a player to move up a round. For instance, one year I kept two folks who were a 10th round pick. I had to choose one to become a 9th round pick from those two. So be sure to indicate this to the Commissioner when you report your keeper selections to him. Also, if a player was a keeper last year he will move up a round if kept again this year. I have this reflected in the chart below. I also have calculated the value of players you did not draft but was drafted by another team in 2011. Please feel free to ask me or the Commissioner about any clarifications of the Brothers Keeper Canons you may need help with. Please see below this chart for my best guess on each team's keepers! It is back by popular demand yet without commentary and no clue about who is developmental.

My Best Guess at Each Team's 2012 Keepers
Please remember these are my guesses as to what will be done. Not my recommendation on what should be done or what I think is best. I could be way off. But D Kessler always keeps T Gonzalez! I also cannot remember developmental eligible players other than my own and P Manning since he didn't play a single game last year. The teams are being presented in their draft order.

ThePunchin Munchkins (M Peltonen)
M Vick QB Rd 14, M Austin WR Rd 13, and A Bradshaw RB Rd 3.

Simba's Buttkicker! ( R Johnson)
C Newton QB Rd 15, R White WR Rd 1, and M Turner RB Rd 1.

Yer X-MOM (P Smith)
C Johnson RB Rd 12, A Foster RB Rd 4, and M Wallace WR Rd 7. M Lynch RB Rd 8 as developmental.

Points ON the Bench (D Kessler)
D Brees QB Rd 1, P Rivers QB Rd 1, and T Gonzalez TE Rd 2!!!!

S Smith (Car) WR Rd 15, W Welker WR Rd 5, and P Manning QB Rd 3 (developmental), and B Wells RB Rd 8.

Rmmm's Golden Eagle (D Pilcher)
D Sproles RB Rd 11, M Forte RB Rd 1, and T Brady QB Rd 1.

Forever Tide (M Mohler)
V Cruz WR Rd 15, R Gronkowski TE Rd 7, and R Mathews RB Rd 5.

Yankinfowlsandfeline (J Smith)
A Rodgers QB Rd 9, H Nicks WR Rd 5, and M Jones-Drew RB Rd 1.

TheSloppyButts (M R Smith)
D Murray RB Rd 15, R Rice RB Rd 2, and L McCoy RB Rd 1.

Ghost (B Garner)
A Dalton QB Rd 15, Cal Johnson WR Rd 1, and A Peterson RB Rd 1.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brothers Keeper 6: The 2012 League Year Keeper Deadline and Draft

More Than A Feeling
Time. She has slipped away! The Summer has arrived and it is time to begin to plan for our sixth annual Brothers Keeper Fantasy Football league year. As always we will need to announce the keeper declaration date and draft date. The NFL regular season begins Wednesday, September 5, 2012 with the Dallas Cowboys taking on the NY Giants. The draft will need to be before this game, preferably no later than Labor Day, Monday September 3rd.
To Keeper or Not to Keeper?
The commissioner has already determined that the keeper declaration deadline date will be Sunday, August 12, at 11:59 PM CT (cf. Section II. D.). Please email him, call him, text him, tell him in person, or write it in invisible ink and mail it to him. Just make sure it is legible and that he remembers it.

Please review your 2011 final rosters to view your team's players. I did not have time to track who all is developmental eligible and who isn't other than for my own team. So please don't let the honor system down this year. I will attempt to get the keeper values for each team's rosters in the very near future.

If you need a reminder of the keeper rules please consult the Canons. It could be worth your time to revisit. Here's a little countdown widget for your convenience:

Draft Considerations
The draft date is still not yet determined. However, if you wish to no longer play in Brothers Keeper, please notify the commissioner as soon as possible. I have no idea why anyone would want to leave such an awesome league, but if you must please do your due obligation to the league as we will need to do a team transfer process just like last year. If not, sign into the keeper league website so you do not miss out on other discussions regarding the dates, times, and location of league actvities.

Just by way of review, the draft order is as follows:

1. ThePunchin Munchkins
2. Simba's Buttkicker!
3. Yer X-MOM
4. Points ON the Bench
6. Rmmm's Golden Eagle
7. Forever Tide
8. Yankinfowlsandfeline
9. TheSloppyButts
10. Ghost