Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Helpful Random 2010 Fantasy Football Related Items

Here's a number of odd and random items for you to glean from as we lurch closer to the 2010 fantasy football season.

CBSSports.com's Rapid Reports is always a fun read. You never know what you're going to get. But it is always good to get snippets of your favored NFL teams and their practices at training camp etc. Select a team and see that day's news. In fact, if you want to see archives of previous days you can do so. I have also attached their widget to the bottom of my blog. Select a team and read.

KFFL has a nice Running Back Handcuff Chart to secure your backups or RBBC (Running Backs By Committee).

The Pancake Blocks blog over at Rotoworld.com highlights some notable Training Camp Position Battles to monitor.

If you're worried about injuries you may want to consider this article highlighting 15 stars who could get injured in 2010. Not sure how accurate one can predict injuries in such a high contact sport, but you may want to bury this in the back of your head. I remain skeptical of this article's ability to predict injuries. There are only a few resources on the web I personally would trust concerning sports injuries. This is not one of them, but it is here for your consumption.

Over at ESPN Christopher Harris has some new stats to consider.

Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy has an interesting article on Weekly Consistency for the different positions. Again, something new to think about when choosing your keeper or drafting your next fantasy player.

Fantasyfootballguys.com has a Rate My Team function for use following your drafts.

Perhaps you just want a new fantasy football team name for 2010. If so, check out Razzball's Fantasy Football Team Name Generator. I'm sure there are a ton more available on the web if you just Google it. Perhaps you'll want to submit it to this year's team name contest?

A few of these more enduring items will be added to the links on the side bar for your easy access in the future. I hope your 2010 fantasy football preparation is going well. For more of these types of posts by another blogger, please consult the FFLibrarian's frequent posts. She has slowed some as a result of her pregnancy and moves, but she's pretty good at highlighting/selecting what is out there to be read and seen by the fantasy playing community.

I am hoping to get a new Twitter feed widget to show good fantasy football related tweets. I need to sit down and compile a list for a Twitter widget. The non-Twitter based widget I have had up on my blog has not been working in recent months probably as a result of an overload on the free server. If you are not using Twitter I highly recommend it. Twitter, along with other news feeds are helpful for live, up to date information, current discussions, and news. Last year I found out Michael Jackson died from Twitter. Today I knew before many that Terrell Owens signed with the Bengals.

7/27/10 Update: Here's an article about RB Turnover you may want to consider when thinking about your draft. Then there's the always standard advice for drafting to recall.


  1. I saw your post and thought I'd toss out my homegrown team name generator. It's not as fancy as the one above, but I use it to help inspire my fantasy football team name every year.

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