Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Fantasy Football Addict's Handy Dandy Tools

The draft is over. All the anticipation from the draft has been eliminated from your system. Time to sit back and relax right? Right? Let the games begin (this Thursday!) right? Wrong. Now it is time for team management to the extreme for that competitive edge. For 16 weeks of football goodness you need to be on top of every piece of pertinent fantasy football information you can get your hands on. Everything from injuries to sit/start advice and the like should drive you to be like this guy, only for Brothers Keeper.

So let me point you to a few easy tools you might want to utilize in order to make it through your fantasy season. You ever wish you could remember if a player is on your team in one of your leagues? You ever wish you knew if a particular player is an available free agent instantly? What if you wanted to know all of this for all of your fantasy teams/leagues without having to scour each league's player search every time. Have no fear there is a perfectly easy way to get all of this information quickly and efficiently.

There is a pretty cool add on to your preferred web browser that will be helpful for your fantasy football season that I tried out this weekend. It's called Pickemfirst. It is free and easy to download and install. Once installed log in to the Pickemfirst website and set up access to all of your fantasy football teams (or other fantasy sports teams too if you'd like). It will only take 2 minutes tops to do all of this and then check out your first page of player rankings to see it's awesomeness. Once you get to a new page of rankings simply do a Shift + F on your keyboard and you'll see the results. The little colored boxes next to all of the players indicates whether they are on your team, someone else's team, or a free agent. Click on the colored box to see the multiple leagues/teams you have and the status for that player in each league. Such a simple tool never made life so easy before for the fantasy football player. Get it today.

If you'd like to know more about it look at the very short video describing what it does:

See it's awesomeness now?

So what games do you get to see on TV this week? Well, check out's NFL TV Distribution Maps for the answer.
Ok. Before the draft, Fantasy Football Calculator's Average Draft Position tool might have helped you. Now, I'll let you see it since the draft is completed. It basically allows you to create an instant graph of a player's ADP over the preseason mock drafts to see if a player's value is rising or dropping. You can select the league size and scoring method to narrow your research too.

Another pre-draft help would have been's Fantasy Football 2010 Power Projector. The tool is nice enough to let you see Accuscore's information for free. Kind of nice since Accuscore's information looks incredibly expensive. has another handy pre-draft tool called the 2010 Running Back Selector (Projected Stats).

Another tool is their Individual Defensive Matchup Tracker.

Sorry for all the post-draft tools being given. Here's a free Rate My Team utility by to take a look at what they think of your squad. also has the best most updated depth chart for every team on one succinct page. Definitely the most handy depth chart I've seen.

9/10/10 UPDATE: Check out this cool tool by the folks at which will point you to experts opinions after you enter in the names of two players who you might want to sit or start.

So let's check out a powerful search engine one should figure out how to learn to harness for fantasy football purposes. Try to figure out supertrackr where you can track anything on the internet in real time. I was first made aware of this tool from either a tweet or a blog by Mark Cuban. I haven't had enough time to fiddle around with it but it seems powerful and helpful to the competitive fantasy football nut who wants instant information about their fantasy football team's players. I feel like it would be akin to streamlining coffee through an IV in the morning. Something we'll all need this fantasy season.

10/28/10 UPDATE:

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