Thursday, April 28, 2011

Observing the 2011 NFL Draft Live

The day has finally come to begin the 2011 NFL Draft. There is a myriad of resources online to follow the NFL Draft which begins tonight at 8 pm ET. If you look to follow the results you can watch the live broadcast on If you'd rather not watch the broadcast there, you can at least follow the NFL's Draft Tracker. I'm sure there will be others available online as well. Another way to follow the draft discussion with it's news and reaction is on twitter:

Here's a few articles I thought were noteworthy to read:
3 things nobody will tell you about the NFL Draft

Beware of the mock draft

Drafting: Risk & Variability

Are NFL scouting departments underfunded?

Can the Moneyball concept work in the NFL?

The NFL player's offseason

A couple about the CB dispute:
NFL statement on post-injunction operations

Lockout Lifted, Football Operations Can Resume

Here's one about P Manning's concussion testing:
Concussion test sandbagging has face: Manning

Hope you enjoy and best of luck to your favored NFL team and future fantasy football team.

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