Friday, August 9, 2013

Brothers Keeper 7: The 2013 League Year: Keeper Declaration Date and Draft

Welcome back to the ramp up to the new fantasy football season. It is always a joy to anticipate the Brothers Keeper Fantasy Football league year's festivities. Will there be drama? Maybe. Will there be stiff competition? Yes. Will Yer X-MOM win again? Who knows. But keeper league success begins with clear dates for the keeper declaration and draft.

The NFL regular season begins Thursday September 5th. The World Champion Baltimore Ravens take on the Denver Broncos. The draft will need to be completed before this game, preferably no later than Labor Day, Monday September 2d.

To Keeper or Not to Keeper?

The commissioner has determined that the keeper declaration deadline date will be Sunday, August 11, at 11:59 PM CT (cf. Section II. D.). Please email him, call him, text him, tell him in person, or write it in invisible ink and mail it to him to decrypt. Just make sure it is legible and that he remembers it. Also see the league the website.

Please review your 2012 final rosters to view your team's players. Also double check the draft value for your players. Confirm whether or not they have developmental eligibility. If there are any concerns or items you deem are incorrect to the list posted on this blog site, please contact the League Historian for clarification.

If you need a reminder of the keeper rules please consult the Canons. It could be worth your time to revisit it.

Draft Considerations

If you wish to no longer play in Brothers Keeper, please notify the league commissioner as soon as possible. I have no idea why anyone would want to forsake this tremendously talented and competitive league but if you have to do so, please be courteous and do so in a timely manner for the league replacement to be chosen. There are a number of rules that need to be followed before the league gives complete control of your roster to a new league participant. Please remember to log in to the league site as well for other discussions and smack talk.

The draft will be Saturday August, 17th. Time and location will be released soon. Please be prepared. It is a short turn around from previous years following the keeper deadline. Make arrangements to be there or skype in to the fun.

To recall the previous post on the draft order, it will be as follows (with updated names):

1. Holy Smoke
2. ThePunchin Munchkins
3. Forever Tide
4. Game of Pwns
5. SloppyButicusMaximus
6. Points ON the Bench
7. Ghost
8. Yankinfowlsandfeline
9. Rmmm's Golden Eagle
10. Yer X-MOM

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