Sunday, August 23, 2015

2015 Brothers Keeper 9 Post-Keeper Pre-Draft Sheet

All of the keepers have been reported and declared for the 2015 Brothers Keeper 9 league year. The following draft sheet reflects what has been reported to the League Commissioner. Thank you for being prompt and for selecting what round they belong in.

The following spreadsheet is available for use for the draft (and for download). The draft order and keeper values all need to be verified by you. The spreadsheet should be pretty firm however. If you see any errors please notify the League Commissioner or League Historian for an inquiry. At this juncture there were three matters to be resolved on the Yahoo! version of the post-keeper pre-draft sheet.

Please keep vigil for a notice on the draft time and location. Saturday, September 5th is the draft day. Be there or make plans to skype in live. Thanks.

Good luck!

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