Monday, December 28, 2009

The 2009 Brothers Keeper Champion: Yer X-MOM

The number 8 seed debunked the number 1 seed Yankinfowlsandfeline (J Smith) and Simba's Buttkicker! (R Johnson) to make it to the championship against the number 2 seed Yer X-MOM (P Smith). While Yer X-MOM was grateful to see his fantasy arch nemeses J Smith and R Johnson dismissed by his friend, the Sea Buzzards (M Peltonen), he was out to win it all since the 2009 Brothers Keeper Fantasy Football BBQ Draft in Slidell, LA.

The smack talk began when Yer X-MOM wrote "If a tree in the middle of the forest falls on a sea buzzard and no one is around.... does anyone care?" on Dec 22, 2009.

Then came the next gut check... a late Christmas day "present" to Sea Buzzards. This "present" was akin to the pink easter bunny outfit Ralphie got in A Christmas Story: C Johnson (RB) and P Rivers (QB) combined for a total 48.51 fantasy points for Yer X-MOM compared to R Bironas's (K) 6 fantasy points for Sea Buzzards. It was going to be a long Christmas weekend after that Dec 25 NFL game.

"You'll shoot your eye out" was haunting the Commissioner until finally he got his "Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock." Yer X-MOM had activated S Jackson (RB) but Jackson was ruled out of Sunday's game due to injury. Jackson had played injured the previous 4 weeks and prduced as he had all season. The early games sprinted Yer X-MOM to a large lead but Sea Buzzards pursued hard with a large number of late afternoon gamers active in his fantasy lineup. Ralphie couldn't wait to try out his new BB Gun.

It was no use. Although Ralphie got his Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas, his worst fears came true. His first shot produced broken specticles. He had lost. Despite S Jackson producing zero fantasy points, Yer X-MOM won handedly.

Final Score:
(8) Sea Buzzards = 108.44
(2) Yer X-MOM = 136.31

Brothers Keeper League Powerhouse Yer X-MOM finally dominated the playoffs in full. His prior two seasons saw him as the number two seed and was the 2008 season point total champion lose in the semifinal to the champions of 2007 (Yank) and 2008 (PAIN). This year he overcame.

When asked how he managed to finally push through the semifinals to become champion P Smith responded:
It all began at the end of last season. I studied like mad. I crunched numers. 2009 began in 2007 even. I knew that in order to win the championship all I had to do was modify my strategy slightly for 2009. I was on the cusp of winning every year. Sure I wanted to be point champion again, but all that matters to anyone in an 8 team playoff is being in the playoffs in the first place and that doesn't require being point champion again. I was real surprised Kabuki Strikes Back (J Fullerton) and CustodianPandimonium (R Smith) did not make the playoffs. Both were built to be playoff contenders according to the preseason projections I considered along with Redmans CatPunters (D Pilcher). Players like M Forte (RB), L Tomlinson (RB), P Thomas (RB), B Westbrook (RB), and B Jacobs (RB) all underperformed. But teams like Simba's Buttkicker! (R Johnson) and Farve$Footlong (D Kessler) who I thought did not have a chance to even make the playoffs made it. They must have had a few lucky bye week games or an easy schedule as in the case of Farve$Footlong. But seriously, you just never know until you are in the playoffs. Someone could pick up P Thomas (RB), some no namer who has never produced, and watch him have the game of his life and beat a league powerhouse like PAIN (D Kessler) did to me last year. All I did was stack my team with talent and monitor their matchups for the playoffs. For example, I expected S Holmes (WR) and D Bowe (WR) to have tough week 16 [Championship Week] matchups but they both out performed my expectations. All you can do is put yourself in a good position and eventually you'll win it all. Just look at the Indianapolis Colts. Every year they put themselves into the position to win in the playoffs and after a number of years P Manning (QB) and gang had all the things go their way and now they own a Super Bowl Championship ring. This was my year. Next year may be completely different. For instance Yank won in 2007 but did not make the playoffs in 2008. PAIN won in 2008 and should not have made the playoffs in 2009 (he has a ridiculously low point total but he also had a low point total scored against him). The number 10 draft spot is mine next year and I hope to break the cycle of bad rebound years and continue to be a league powerhouse. I've already begun my 2010 campaign. It'll be a challenge but I believe I have the talent on my team to keep it going. But you're always an injury away from losing. Sometimes you overcome those injuries with depth of talent on your team. For instance, S Slaton (RB), R Brown (RB), and S Jackson (RB) went down with injuries and D Bowe (WR) who I traded for, was suspended for 4 games. But the likes of A Johnson (WR), P Rivers (QB), and J Witten (TE) sustained my team's ability to win close games. Now is the time to prepare for 2010. My thirst for dominance in this league is constant. I'm just motivated to win and that's fun. I can't give away all my secrets to this year's success, but it is a good league of solid fantasy players who will figure their own way out to winning their own Brothers Keeper championships. It's a fun league and I had fun this year thanks to all my competitors. It was a fun draft and fun season and fun playoffs.
There you have it folks. Straight from your 2009 Brothers Keeper Fantasy Football Champion: Yer X-MOM (P Smith).

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