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2009 A Year in Review: The Year of Yer X-MOM

In review of this year's Brother's Keeper Fantasy Football League: a.k.a. "The Year of Yer X-MOM"

The shot rang out: The Commissioner (M Peltonen) emailed the league. The 2009 Brother's Keeper league opened with 2008's teams declaring their keepers by Sunday August 9, 2009.

1st pick: Simba's ButtKicker! (R Johnson): M Turner RB (3); R White WR (4); NYG DEF (12)

2d pick: Yankinfowlsandfeline (J Smith): M Jones-Drew RB (2); M Colston WR (3); A Rodgers QB (12)

3d pick: Kabuki  Strikes Back (J Fullerton): L Tomlinson RB (1); P Manning QB (1); B Jacobs RB (1)

4th pick: Redmans CatPunters (D Pilcher): T Brady QB (1); R Wayne WR (2); M Forte RB (4); *A Bryant WR (15)

5th pick: Sea Buzzards (M Peltonen): F Gore RB (1); L Fitzgerald WR (3); G Jennings WR (7)

6th pick: CYBORG PIRATE NINJAS (R Smith): D Brees QB (1); R Moss WR (4); T Hightower RB (15)

7th pick: CustodianPandimonium (R Smith): K Smith RB (7); W Welker WR (14); D Jackson RB (15)

8th pick: Yer X-MOM (P Smith): A Johnson WR (4); J Witten TE (10); S Slaton RB (11); *C Johnson RB (15)

9th pick: Ghost (B Garner): A Peterson RB (2); Cal Johnson WR (4); J Cutler QB (6); *M Ryan QB (15)

10th pick: Favre$Footlong (D Kessler): T Gonzalez TE (5); B Marshall WR (8); M Cassel QB (15)

* means developmental

Next came the 2009 Brother's Keeper Fantasy Football BBQ Draft in Slidell, LA on Saturday August 29th, 2009. A day to remember in photos:

The Draft Room (from left to right: B Garner [half pictured], R Smith, R Johnson, M Peltonen, and D Kessler)

The Food

So Good
So very Good

We had our fill... We ate like kings I tell you!

Two Conspirators (J Smith and D Pilcher)

From left to right: R Smith, R Smith, J Smith, D Pilcher, B Garner

Draft day recap:
We had an excellent set up for the draft. Many thanks to all who organized it. Preparations were made beforehand to meet in Slidell, LA. All were in attendance except J Fullerton. He did his draft via his proxy, B Garner. If anyone was stacked with information, it was B Garner looking at J Fullerton's preferences or R Smith sharing with R Smith. However, J Fullerton did not have any picks in the first 3 rounds of the draft. The advantage was minimal.

J Smith provided an excellent spread of meats/BBQ specially prepared for the occassion. He drafted well even having BBQ'd all that delicious food. Many praises were sent his way.

M Peltonen had a busy draft day. He picked up P Smith who flew in from Dallas, TX at the airport in New Orleans, LA (with a terrible accident and traffic on the way back to Slidell) followed by a breakfast at I.H.O.P. where it was readily joked about the NFL style menu that was going to help the drafting abilities of M Peltonen and P Smith. M Peltonen and P Smith then picked up the store bought goods for the draft and proceeded to set up the draft room for its activities.

There they met R Johnson who was furiously trying to figure out his first pick in the draft from his air conditioned office. After an hour long banter between the three, it was time for P Smith to nap and M Peltonen to prep for the draft and Sunday School for the next day.

Draft time arrived in all its glory. A great draft board display was accessible by the Commissioner M Peltonen and picks and teams were set up as the draft went along. For each person at the draft table P Smith played DJ and we all heard songs chosen specifically for each drafter. Some highlights include, "Sympathy for the Devil," "Bad Moon Rising," Bach's Toccata and Fuge in D Minor," "O Death," "Lonesome Valley," and "Topol-If I Were A Rich Man" for D Pilcher's Redmans CatPunters; ADD MORE "Veggie Tales Theme Song," "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," "I'm Too Sexy," "La Bamba," and "Flight of the Bumblebee" for D Kessler's Favre$Footlong; "The Man in Me," "Rhino Skin," "The Wanderer," and "Celestial Soda Pop" for M Peltonen's Sea Buzzards; "Glory Days," "Hero," "Born in the USA," "I Believe I Can Fly," and the most funny song of the night, "All Star" for R Johnson's Simba's Buttkicker!

We partook of the food prior to and during the draft... even had a 7th round stretch or "intermission" for the old timers to empty their bladders and the youngsters to refill their drinks and plates. So what did D Kessler do?
It was a riotous time of laughter, food, drinks, and drafting. The draft results are posted here.

After 13 weeks of regular season play weeks 14-16 were reserved for the playoffs with the following results:

2009 Brother's Keeper Final Standings:
Champion: Yer X-MOM (P Smith)
2d Place: Sea Buzzards (M Peltonen)
4th Place: Simba's Buttkicker! (R Johnson)
5th Place: Yankinfowlsandfeline (J Smith)
6th Place: Redmans CatPunters (D Pilcher)
7th Place: Ghost (B Garner)
8th Place: Favre$Footlong (D Kessler)
9th Place: CustodianPandimonium (R Smith)
10th Place: Kabuki Strikes Back (J Fullerton)

Farewell 2009.
Here's a  look ahead at 2010's Brother's Keeper Fantasy Football Draft order:
1st pick: Kabuki Strikes back (J Fullerton)
2d pick: CustodianPandimonium (R Smith)
3d pick: Yankinfowlsandfeline (J Smith)
4th pick: Redmans CatPunters (D Pilcher)
5th pick: Ghost (B Garner)
6th pick: Favre$Footlong (D Kessler)
7th pick: CYBORG PIRATE NINJAS (R Smith)
8th pick: Simba's Buttkicker (R Johnson)
9th pick: Sea Buzzards (M Peltonen)
10th pick: Yer X-MOM (P Smith)

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