Monday, January 18, 2010

Concussed about Concussions: NFL Injuries and the Fantasy Football Player

The 2009 NFL season saw a lot more coverage concerning concussions. This directly impacted the fantasy teams of numerous individuals nationwide. Did you own K Warner QB, B Westbrook RB, B Roethlisberger QB, D Jackson WR, J Lewis RB, Jeff Ulbrich LB etc.? The media coverage was so strong that the NFL finally changed its rules midseason for NFL teams that therefore requires an independent analysis of concussion cases before players are able to return to the grid iron.

This is actually a good thing. The thing that makes concussions so dangerous is that if you are not recovered from a previous concussion and sustain another one, it could be fatal. What's worse? Losing a few fantasy starts or points or games or trophy or money, or is it worse to lose a NFL player's life? It would sadden me to ever think that fantasy owners ever had the power to persuade what took place on the football field when it came to the physical well being of another person's life. The hords of people who want player X to play before recovery would be more than guilty. Let's take a breather here and remember, it's just a game. It's not worth putting people's lives at stake. Not even H Ward WR should call out his very own QB in B Roethlisberger to play before he should.

Congrats to the NFL and NFLPA for taking the steps to be more cautious about concussions. One of my favorite writers on injuries has harped on this for years before this season's dramatic uptick in sensitivity to concussions. It is finally being addressed. More can and could and should be done (like better helmets). Jon Kitna was not being smart when he desired to play a few years ago after suffering a concussion in Detroit as their starting QB. I don't care if you lose your starting job you've worked your entire life to obtain. It's not worth the potential cost of one's life. It's not even for a noble cause. It's a game. Take a knee. Sit the extra game and fantasy owners will adjust, even if grudgingly. Go to IR. Retire perhaps. There is life to be enjoyed after football and fantasy owners always have next season.

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