Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 NFL Draft Coverage

The NFL Draft is the priority of fantasy football fans today. They will wait, watch, and see what their favorite teams do and figure out any sort of fantasy impact there might be. Who's the next Calvin Johnson WR? Who's the next stud RB? Who's the next Matt Ryan at QB? What trades will happen? Regardless of what actually goes down, you can watch and listen to a lot of it live via NFL Network, ESPN Radio, or live blogging and draft tracking on the internet. The draft news will continue hot and heavy for the next 3-5 days with all sorts of specualtions and evaluations.

Here's the skinny on the time between picks: 10 min per pick in round 1. Tomorrow, 7 min per pick rd 2, then 5 min per pick rds 3-7.
On Tuesday April 20th there was a live chat with the Jarretsville MD native Mel Kiper Jr:

On Wed April 21 there was a live chat with NFL Network analysts Brian Billick, Charles Davis and Mike Mayock:

Here's a pre-draft chat with Matthew Berry at 3pm Eastern/ 2pm Central

Here's some good NFL Draft Trackers (which are awesome if you just ignore the whole event live since you can look at it on the fly after the fact):;fastFacts

Tonight there will be the 2010 NFL Draft Live Blogs/Chats/Streaming during the first round of the draft:;coverlist_footer

If you have ESPN or NFL Network you, too, could just watch it on TV.

(more to come probably since this will be the important part of this blog; including twitter feeds)

Let's try this twitter feed code:

Here's some good articles on the business end of the NFL Draft related to market efficiency etc. Pretty in depth:

Here's another article on NFL draft day mistakes:

If you have ESPN Insider access you can see how the different front offices rank in their abilities in the NFL Draft:

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