Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Helpful Post-Fantasy Football NFL Links of Note

Fantasy football may be over for some time, but the NFL has plenty of news still going on. Here are a number of links you may be interested in consulting as we continue through the NFL playoffs for some and offseason for other teams.

ESPN: 2011 NFL Playoff Schedule with the times and dates and television stations airing the games.

The 2010 Seattle Seahawks: Worst. Playoff. Team. Ever? Something worth considering. Unfortunately Baltimore owns the worst playoff team ever... in basketball. I'm sure Brothers Keeper's Commissioner, M Peltonen will appreciate that he is simultaneously relieved of this embarrassment and that the onus is now on Yer X-MOM's P Smith!

CBSSports.com: 2011 Player Movement Tracker This lists this offseason's free agents to watch. Note especially Oakland Raiders's CB Nnamdi Asomugha.

2011 NFL Draft Order Announcement This item will be update in the near future once the playoffs are completed. Some people absolutely live for the NFL Draft though.

Goodell: 'We can and will reach an agreement' on CBA hoping our 2011 Brothers Keeper fantasy football league is able to play a regular season.

1/12/11 UPDATE: Yesterday was 50 Days Away, A Lockout Looms Larger than Ever. It was good to see some items from a player's perspective.

1/12/11 UPDATE: From Forbes.com: Numbers Show NFL’s ‘Economic Realities’ for Lockout Unwarranted

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