Monday, January 10, 2011

The 2010 Brothers Keeper 4 Champion: Yer X-MOM

Week 16
Our very first repeat, back-to-back, champion in Brothers Keeper history did a bang up job downing 3 of the league's top competitors in the playoffs for the 2010 title: Redmans CatClippers (D Pilcher), Yankinfowlsandfeline (J Smith), and TheSloppyButts (M R Smith). There are few acheivements in life as great as winning a keeper league and the 2010 Brothers Keeper 4's championship, Yer X-MOM (P Smith) wouldn't have it any other way:
I was in a total of 6 fantasy leagues this calander year. Two baseball and four for football. I made it to the championship game in all 6 leagues. I won half of them: one baseball (Heavy Hitters) and two football leagues (Brothers Keeper; miss-hits and miss-fits). If I had lost all of them but the Brothers Keeper league I would be happy with that. If I had won them all and lost in Brothers Keeper I would have been bummed.
The 2010 championship game had similar issues related to the 2009 championship matchup. Last year saw Yer X-MOM suffer through a game without S Jackson RB playing. This year, P Smith suffered through the loss of A Johnson WR and A Gates TE due to injuries. While O Daniels TE performed valiantly in A Gates TE stead (17.65 FP), D Branch WR was supposed to have a reasonably favorable matchup to cover for the loss of A Johnson WR but failed to live up to the hopes scoring only 3.25 FP. P Smith's bench players performed pretty well (D Bowe WR 19.65 FP; M Wallace WR 15.2 FP; S Jackson RB 14.75 FP). If a combination of these were included for C Johnson RB (5.8 FP) or A Johnson WR it would have been an even more dominant performance to make up for the lack luster performance by the NY Jets DEF (6 FP) and D Akers K (1 FP!!!).

M R Smith's TheSloppyButts played all the correct personelle for his best shot at the title save for S Holmes WR (11.75 FP), who happened to be on Yer X-MOM's roster last year. In M R Smith's kind congratulatory remarks via email to the champion he correctly noted another another big aspect that would have benefited his team greatly:
I wish the Eagles had performed even a little closer to par. I keep thinking about that very first Eagles possession, Vick threw a long ball to Jackson but overshot him a few yards. Jackson had his man beat, so if he had caught it it would have meant another 10+ points for me, which would have made things much more interesting. Oh well. 2nd place aint so bad. See you next year!
Having seen the play M R Smith referenced live that fateful Tuesday night, P Smith thought the same thing. That's the thing in fantasy football. Every week one player either makes the catch or the extra yard for a TD or they don't and all of fantasydom gasps or celebrates. This year was another memorable fantasy season, especially for P Smith's Yer X-MOM, our 2010 Brothers Keeper 4 Champion.

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