Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tracking the Flurry of NFL Activity: Schedule, News, Rumors, and Trackers

Some have put the next few weeks of NFL business into historic terms. Maybe they are right. Maybe not. The rich could get richer while the teams with poorer talent will lose again. Or maybe your team will make the leap ahead into playoff territory from mediocrity. Whatever the case the news has come and will come hard and fast all day every day for a while leading up to the start of the NFL's regular season.

Here are some helpful tools to monitor the action. First up, here's the schedule of NFL activities. Here's when teams will begin their training camps (see also this nicer looking chart by FFToolbox.com).

Next, find out who is being cut. It is the bloodiest week in NFL chopping block history. Lots of paper ripped into shreds as contracts are filed under "G." Here's to hoping that the motors on the shredders survive along with your favorite team and players! So take a look at this list to see who is being cut down to size and their contracts pulverized. There is also ProFootballTalks Release tracker too.

Please check out my FF & NFL News page. I have updated it recently and I hope you will like the additional help it is now. There are two clips of news feeds from my own personal Google Reader folders and there is my very own edited paper.li that I have called The Brothers Keeper Evening Star. It updates every night at 9 pm CDT. So take a look at the articles highlighted and even look at previous editions of the paper.

Next, you need to monitor a NFL Free Agent Tracker (KFFL); see also Yahoo's, Pro Football Focus, and CBSSports. I am sure there are more so if one of these doesn't fit your preference on the visuals look for more at some of the bigger news sites like ESPN. Here's ProFootballTalk's Post-lockout acquisitions page for another succinct view.

Also, along those lines, if you want a good Rumor Mill check out the one by Pro Football Talk. Scroll to the bottom and check out the numerous pages. I also recommend ESPN's Rumor Central for Insiders. Otherwise, watch my Fantasy Football Twitter list (also in the left side bar of my blog).

If you are interested, there is also a 2011 Undrafted Free Agent Signings Tracker for all the guys who have been signed or will be in the coming days. That's right folks, people are already making deals with these guys. Here's a list ranking the Undrafted Free Agents (ESPN Insider required... sorry) for your evaluation.

If you'd rather look at all the transactions in one place take a look at NFL.com's Transactions page. It is nice because you can select a single team and see everything that team has done, namely, cuts, signings, etc. in chronological order.

So good luck following along with the mayhem. I hope this points you to a few items that will help track what you might find helpful for your fantasy football preparations especially today going forward.

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