Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ghost Year: 2011 Final Regular Season Standings and Playoff Results

Points ON the Bench didn't complete the comeback push to enter the playoffs despite MOTHERSHIP RUSH and Rmmm's Golden Eagle suffering late season slides. Points ON the Bench misses the playoffs. What a shame since he was so disappointed with his draft.

Here are the final regular season standings:

You will remember that the regular season standings (win pct) and total points scored are important for the new 3 Factor Power Ranking draft order equation Brothers Keeper employs.

The first week of the playoffs, the quarterfinals, centered on two matchups: the 4th seeded team (Forever Tide) played the 5th seeded team (Rmmm's Golden Eagle) while the 3d seed (TheSloppyButts) played the 6th seed (MOTHERSHIP RUSH). In short the favorites won. Forever Tide beat Rmmm's Golden Eagle 137.55 to 108.68 and TheSloppyButts defeated MOTHERSHIP RUSH 117.34 to move to the semifinals.

The top two teams, Ghost and Yankinfowlsandfeline, earned a quarterfinal bye and awaited the results of the other playoff contenders.

In the semifinals Ghost trounced Forever Tide, 155.46 to 92.93. TheSloppyButts took Yankinfowlsandfeline to the wood shed and beat him 128.74 to 81.55. The top regular season point scorer was upended. It wasn't completely the fault of A Rodgers QB, when Green Bay suffered their first loss of the season. It happened to be that everyone Yankinfowlsandfeline started had a bad week as each of his players played on losing teams in week 15.

Then came the championship final between Ghost and TheSloppyButts. Both teams had yet to complete a playoff run to win the trophy. There was going to be a new Brothers Keeper Champion in 2011. It was a testament to their teams strength that both teams arrived in the finals. TheSloppyButts lost J Charles RB to the IR early in the season and then later lost the productive D Murray RB to injury as well. Ghost also lost a lot of dominate players in the year. F Jackson RB went down late and D McFadden continued his yearly injuries. However, A Peterson RB who had missed 3 weeks due to an injury came back for the fantasy playoffs. But as soon as he played in the week 16 championship game he went down after scoring 12.5 FP. He went down hard and tore his ACL thanks to the low tackle. It looked ugly on TV... ugly for Ghost too. By the end of Saturday night's games on Christmas Eve Ghost was down by 55.94 FP with 53.5 points. With 2 games remaining and 4 players yet to play on Ghost's team, TheSloppyButts stood at 109.44 FP and had no remaining players left to play. Santa came and visited this friendly Ghost and delivered more than enough to win the 2011 Brothers Keeper Championship. Ghost's final score was 125.47 FP. It is Ghost's first championship trophy in Brothers Keeper league play. Congratulations Ghost on your title.

Playoff Results of both the championship and consolation brackets:

1. Ghost
2. TheSloppyButts
3. Yankinfowlsandfeline
4. Forever Tide
6. Rmmm's Golden Eagle
7. Simba's Buttkicker!
8. Points ON the Bench
9. ThePunchin Munchkins
10. Yer X-MOM

In other news, the NFL will conduct eight regional combines beginning in 2012. Plus, NBC along with the NFL will stream the Wild Card games, the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl online. I have begun to update the Brothers Keeper Ideal Draft Value Chart for 2011's results. Plus I will report the 2012 Brothers Keeper Draft Order along with the equation within the week. Enjoy your fantasy offseason and look forward to 2012. I hope it will be just as fine as 2011 was.

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