Thursday, December 20, 2012

Championship Week

The time has arrived. It was a tremendously competitive league this year. All six playoff teams are over .500 and separated by total season points and one win. The playoffs have been no different. As the stakes have risen so has the level of play.

The quarterfinals saw Rmmm's Golden Eagle (D Pilcher) and Yer X-MOM (P Smith) land a bye week while Yankinfowlsandfeline (J Smith) narrowly defeat TheSloppyButts(M R Smith) 102.99 to 99.71. The defending Brothers Keeper champion, Ghost, handled Points ON the Bench with a 27.08 point victory finalizing the semifinal matchups.

The eagle has landed. In the first game that was decided, 22 points separated Yankinfowlsandfeline from Rmmm's Golden Eagle. It wasn't even close. Rmmm's Golden Eagle had only scored below 100 points once during the regular season (week 2). It was a bad time to do so again.

In the second contest, Ghost and Yer X-MOM battle hard. The whole Sunday was back and forth. By the end of Sunday night, Ghost had around a 16.5 pt advantage with Yer X-MOM having one last player playing Monday night. It was going to be a seriously close game. Without CJ2K running for a 94 yard TD run in the second quarter against the NY Jets, we probably would be looking at a a different matchup in the final. But as it stands, Yer X-MOM beat Ghost by the second smallest point separation of the entire fantasy year. A cool 2.12 fantasy points. It could have been a bit different depending on who else could have been started by each team, but the chosen starters are the only ones who get to score for their teams. Yer X-MOM has had CJ2K through ups and down the past two seasons. He's owned CJ2K ever since he was picked off free agency prior to the start of CJ2K's professional career. The loyalty has payed off huge dividends. When the most important game of the season came, CJ2K did what he used to do more regularly and became elusive when he got to the secondary of a defense. Yer X-MOM could not be more thankful for the years of success with CJ2K.

As it stands, it will be Yankinfowlsandfeline against Yer X-MOM for the league finals. Neither are foreign to the Brothers Keeper championship game. Yankinfowlsandfeline was the first champion of the league back in 2007. Yer X-MOM was a back to back champion in 2009 and 2010. He will attempt to remain the only two-time champ by defeating Yankinfowlsandfeline. Otherwise Brothers Keeper will have two two-time champions. However, with the win, Yer X-MOM will be the league's first three-time champion. Trophies await the final victor. It's been a quiet and competitive year in Brothers Keeper. The year's end is near.

Good luck.

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