Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 Brothers Keeper Draft Results

We had a tremendously good time along with good food (thanks J Smith and everyone else!). Glad to see all turned out for the draft... and one who arrived late again (D Kessler's new tradition)! We had one who was on the fence about being able to make it and arrived anyhow. Way to go Ghost! Thanks to all our wives for making it happen too. Great food and friendships all around. Even got injury updates throughout the draft (like last year's Arian Foster horror!). This time it was A Detroit RB and QB! What a way to see your leaguemates shudder!

There was on rule change announced, namely, the institution of a waiver wire, which was previously lacking. See a further post on this later on.

Here's the final draft, with the appropriate changes following the trade between ThePunchin Munchkins and Rmmm's Golden Eagle. They worked it out over lunch. I would have voted against it but Rmmm's Golden Eagle knew he wanted nothing to do with D Sproles RB.

You can access the spreadsheet, the league website, or see the results below.

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