Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012 Post-Keeper Pre-Draft Spreadsheet

Well, after an abnormal delay by our league we finally have our keepers set for the upcoming Brothers Keeper fantasy football season. There were some teams who had some very difficult decisions to make on who to keep (Ghost and TheSloppyButts come to mind). However, the stress is gone and our keepers are locked in for the upcoming draft.

Here is the Post-Keeper Pre-Draft Spreadsheet (link) for your preparation pleasure. Try saying that last sentence out loud ten times fast! That task alone ought to send R Johnson's head into overdrive and give the rest of the league another easy win when we play his team! Comic Shtick aside here is the spreadsheet (please make two notes: [1] V Cruz WR and L Robinson WR for Forever Tide is subject to change rounds once his preference is given; they were both 15th round values but one must become a 14th round value upon his choice; L Robinson WR will be 14th rd, and V Cruz a 15th rd pick; [2] Cal Johnson WR is a 1st Rd value for Ghost and has no 2d rd pick):

Please be sure to watch for draft day details coming in the near future. It is crunch time for studying and draft day prep. Good luck.

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