Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brothers Keeper: Declaration Day!

It feels like Christmas! And here's the first gift to unpack! Brothers Keeper's 2010 Declarations!

I have indicated prior keepers with Y's iin the far right column. The amount of times a player has been kept in consecutive years is the same number of Y's indicated. For instance, a keeper with YYY has been kept three times or three years in a row to be more precise. All 1st Rd value keepers, whether listed in the 1st Rd or 2d Rd etc. are also indicated next to the Y. There is also an instance whereby a 2d Rd value is noted for players on Sea Buzzards team. These notes are helpful for the following years.

I will double check all the keeper value info tomorrow. If you see any errors please let me know promptly for correction. Thanks. Now without further ado:

Please stay tuned via this blog, email, and the league message board for the 2010 Brothers Keeper Draft date, time, and location to be determined within the next week.

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