Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who's Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Should You Follow? Weekly Lineup/Rankings Accuracy

Question: Who produces the most accurate fantasy football projections on a weekly basis during the fantasy season?

One of the cool things about the internet is that you get to see the hard work of others who do what you'd like to see results for but know you'd never have the time or resources to do for yourself. has done the fantasy football industry and fantasy players alike a tremendous job of collating the 2009 weekly rankings of industry experts, analyzing them (Accuracy Methodology), and then generating an Expert Accuracy Rankings – 2009 (cf. also their PAY™ [Prediction Accuracy Yield] Accuracy Scores). This work should be a valuable help when digesting which advice you might want to employ when considering disagreements and dilemmas in your sit/starts throughout the year. While this is an analysis of last year's weekly projections/forecasting, this year could potentially yield different results. We cannot evaluate future performance before it has happened! But you might be able to determine which voice among the experts you trust more.

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