Thursday, August 26, 2010

Final 2010 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Don't Forget Conventional Wisdom

Pre-Draft Thoughts
My mind has been consumed by the upcoming Brothers Keeper fantasy draft. Should I or shouldn't I go and be there in person?

Who should I take out of these three players in my first pick? I know the two I don't draft won't be there when it comes back to my next pick.

What will each team in Brothers Keeper do with their picks when it is their turn? How can I predict their choices?

I've put together huge spreadsheets of information to try to figure these answers out. I've listed all the pros and cons for going or not going. I'm a wreck. I haven't slept more than 6 or 6.5 hours in a couple weeks. Okay, maybe last night I finally broke the 2 week trend, but still, it was a long time. I read the news I frequent but am neglecting other helpful items like Twitter. I am behind on other things I want to read too. I have other projects in mind for this blog that are being neglected and it all seems overwhelming considering I want to kill in this upcoming draft on Saturday. I'm 46 hours away from draft time and I know I don't have enough time to get all that I want prepped accomplished.

Just breathe man... just breathe.

Here's to Breathing
Draft time and location? Check. Driving directions? Check. Draft pick number? Check. Food? Check. Keeper draft order list? Check. The fantasy cheat sheet of choice? Check. Strategy to annoy leaguemates? Check.

You know the drill. You've been there. Done that. You've got your trophies and rings and bragging rights. So how did you get them? You prepared like there was no tomorrow. You read every fantasy magazine you could get your paws on. You scanned every free cheat sheet you could find on the inter webs. You know the experts advice like the back of your hand. You've mock drafted in every format available. Then you watched every meaningful preseason snap on DVR. You're up to date on all the Hard Knocks episodes. You're ready. It's ingrained in you deep ready to spill out on draft day. You can make it 46 hours.

"But wait! I forgot to look at who are the 3d year breakout WR candidates!? Which player is in a contract year playing his heart out for millions of dollars in the future!? Gasp! Who is injured!?"

Have no fear. There are websites that have these bastions of conventional fantasy football wisdom listed for free:

Here's your 3rd year NFL Wide Receivers, Latest NFL Injury Reports and News: Offensive Players , and 2010 Contract Year Players / 2010 Free Agents compliments of May your panic subside and your studies continue. See also's 2010 Draft Prep: The class of third-year receivers.

Now if you are D Pilcher of the Redman fantasy brand, you need to find yourself a good free fantasy football cheat sheet in order to stop pestering your leaguemates with the phrase, "Is _____ ____ a good player?" We know you need some help. Just pick a cheat sheet, print it out and go with it... and get some red sunburn so we aren't blinded when you wear shorts to the draft. Otherwise we'll be tempted to give you a cheatsheet from 3 years ago and suggest that Ryan Succuop is an awesome sleeper.

It is always good to review The Canons of Brothers Keeper too. But maybe that can wait till after the draft.

Que up the music. Make sure the A/C is on int he ECL room and keep in touch with this blog and League Message Board for the finalized draft day announcements.

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