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Looking Ahead 2010: Redmans CatPunters

This is the fifth post of a series of blogs covering each team from Brothers Keeper in detail. We began with the last place team and are moving toward the top of the league standings as it stood at the end of the 2009 fantasy football season (cf. Kabuki Strikes Back; CustodianPandemonium; Favre$Footlong; Ghost). Fifth up, Redmans CatPunters (D Pilcher). My apologies for the delay.

Overview of D Pilcher's Brothers Keeper History
2007 RedMans Warriors: 10-4-0 (7th Place) 1795.57 points; 39 transactions
2008 RedMans CatChuckers: 7-6-0 (6th Place) 1303.53 points; 33 transactions
2009 Redmans CatPunters: 6-7-0 (6th Place) 1494.79 points; 14 transactions

2009 End of Season Commentary
There are rules for this kind of thing. The Tom Brady rule allows for a previously kept player to earn a new developmental status eligibility if played less than 3 times total in a fantasy season (including playoffs) due to injury. Reman's CatPunters entered 2009 exercising this canonical right. With T Brady QB, R Wayne WR, and M Forte RB all in the fold for Redman's CatPunters, it seemed like 2009 was his championship to lose. However, that darned obstacle called a draft was still in the way.

Some inconsistent choices were made. For instance, while P Thomas RB was highly effective when he played in 2009, it was known that he was injured before the season began. When you have a T Brady QB by round one why do you pick a E Manning QB in round 5? No fantasy owner can start 2 QBs at the same time. That means one of your top 5 picks is going to be benched every week. Not quite understandable until you realize the fear that D Pilcher had concerning the loss of T Brady in 2008. Understandable I guess. But take a look at the 6rh pick: S Greene RB. The NY Jets had L Washington and T Jones at the helm of the RB position. Carries to a rookie RB were going to be sparse. That's 2 of your top 6 picks overall that are going to be benched weekly. That, my friends, is what the internet calls a FAIL. It's like the Olympic hurdler hitting half his hurdles if you consider the P Thomas injury. Perhaps something more was eating poor Gilbert Grape. O wait. This is the same guy who drafts Closers without end in fantasy baseball and usually wins deep into the playoffs.

But this is fantasy football and when the playoffs arrived, Redman's CatPunters exited quickly only to win enough to lose the consolation 5th place game. He entered the playoffs at the 6th seed and the playoffs left him 6th in the standings. A lot of good those 3 weeks proved to be. Actually, if you look at his past 3 seasons, he's maintained these subpar standards. He's a 100% 6.3 place guy. Not as bad as Simba's ButtKicker! (R Johnson) but not as good as Ghost (B Garner) either. A lot of good these 3 years has done on Ol' Scratch's trophy case. A little draft medicine may be in the doctor's orders.

Redmans CatPunters's 2009 Draft
Redmans CatPunters (D Pilcher) had the 4th overall draft pick position in the 2009 draft. His 2009 draft results are thus (noting that those who were kept from his 2008 final roster):

1. (4) Tom Brady QB (Keeper)
2. (17) Reggie Wayne WR (Keeper)
3. (24) Pierre Thomas RB
4. (37) Matt Forte RB (Keeper)
5. (44) Eli Manning QB
6. (57) Shonn Greene RB
7. (64) Chris Cooley TE
8. (77) Philadelphia DEF
9. (84) Fred Jackson RB
10. (97) Donald Driver WR
11. (104) LeSean McCoy RB
12. (117) Rob Bironas K
13. (124) David Garrard QB
14. (137) Muhsin Muhammad WR
15. (144) Antonio Bryant WR (Keeper as Developmental)

Redmans CatPunters's Final 2009 Roster
I have included the 2010 draft round and pick overall (overall pick is in parentheses) value of each player on Redman CatPunter's final roster followed by the name of the player, player's position, total # of fantasy starts for the season (a * indicates developmental eligibility for 2010's draft; some players were on more than one team but their total starts for all teams is listed); and total fantasy points scored by the player for the 16 fantasy week season (which is not subject to the # of starts):
1. (4) Tom Brady QB (Keeper); 15 fantasy starts; 362.32 fp
1. (4) Reggie Wayne WR (Keeper); 15 fantasy starts; 221.20 fp
2. (17)
3. (24) Pierre Thomas RB; 11 fantasy starts; 180.03 fp
3. (24) Matt Forte RB (Keeper); 14 fantasy starts; 193.45 fp
4. (37)
5. (44) Eli Manning QB; *0 fantasy starts; 304.34 fp
6. (57)
7. (64)
8. (77) Philadelphia DEF; 12 fantasy starts; 163.00 fp
8. (77) Tennessee DEF; 7 fantasy starts (4 with Sea Buzzards + 3 with Redmans CatPunters); 117 fp
9. (84) Fred Jackson RB; 13 fantasy starts; 233.93 fp
9. (84) G Olsen TE; 13 fantasy starts (4 with Sea Buzzards + 9 with Redmans CatPunters); 138.60 fp
10. (97) Donald Driver WR; 15 fantasy starts; 158.35 fp
11. (104) LeSean McCoy RB; 5 fantasy starts; 143.10 fp
12. (117)
13. (124)
14. (137) Antonio Bryant WR (Keeper as Developmental); *1 fantasy starts; 93.00 fp
15. (144) M Bell RB; *0 fantasy starts; 97.50 fp (Undrafted)
15. (144) F Davis TE; *0 fantasy starts; 109.45 fp (Undrafted)
15. (144) L Tynes K; 12 fantasy starts; 128 fp (Undrafted)

Looking Ahead at 2010
Potential is a funny word. Potential could become squandered. Ask the 30 year old C Palmer QB if his potential has been squandered. I bet he might be furious inside. At least he has the money to show for it. I guess. For Redman's CatPunters I see the potential for squander. T Brady and R Wayne are nearing the end of their peak years of performance. They might be able to keep Redman's CatPunters in 6th place again, you know, just those two alone. They are easily the front runner picks to be kept.

If the RB situation in New Orleans is thinned with the exit of R Bush RB in th offseason, then P Thomas seems to be a keeper to consider too. Caughing up M Forte RB might be a good or bad move after his surgery. We're not yet sure. A new OC in Chicago could be a world of good or just further evidence of a Refrigerator's Curse. F Jackson RB could maintain his position as starter in Buffalo, but he's doubtful to be kept unless his draft position is attractive enough. Because, when you face it, who wants to poke around the cadavar that the Bills are with the loss of all their coaching staff? Even more so, L McCoy RB is the future in Philadelphia whenever he and K Kolb QB usurp the duo of B Westbrook RB and D McNabb QB. But it could be two years away... not 2010 away.

My Best Guess at Redmans CatPunters's 2010 Keepers
Because Redmans CatPunters seems so willing to occupy the 6th place spot annually I am going to guess he stays with the two guys who have kept him there the past 3 years in T Brady QB and R Wayne WR. After that, it is a toss up between MForte RB, P Thomas RB, and L McCoy RB. L McCoy could have been a developmental eligible keeper but he was played 2 too many times. If Redmans CatPunters wants to show up late for the 2010 draft he mind as well keep P Thomas or M Forte. At least he'd hurdle his first three obstacles called draft picks. Don't you think Redmans CatPunters looks the same as Redmans DraftHurdles? I do. Perhaps a name change will be in order.
Brothers Keeper Third Party Consultant's Best Guess at Redmans CatPunters's 2010 Keepers
"he's got two easy one's in brady and wayne but after that i hard to decide between forte, pierre, mccoy and fred jackson. u already know forte, pierre and mccoy are gonna start but i really dont think they were better per game start vs fred jackson he was a top the rb the first three weeks of the season then lynch came back and stole his carries not cuz of but cuz of the buffalo pays him. if it was me i would keep jackson if lynch is traded if not i would have forte as far as keepers go i would keep fred davis or mike bell toss up cuz bell could steal a bunch of carries from mccoy and fred davis could start over cooley either way both are backups and both could end up starting but i would favor davis."

Just got to see one more hurdle failure:

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