Monday, June 27, 2011

The Pending Impending Brothers Keeper 5 (2011) Fantasy Football Season

This is just a quick reminder for the league participants of Brothers Keeper to sign in to the league. You should have received an email concerning the matter from the League Commissioner last week. Those yet to sign up include:

J Smith
D Kessler
R Johnson
R C Smith
J Fullerton (UPDATE: Per the League Commissioner, he has decided to retire from Brothers Keeper)
New Guy

I will cross your name off the list as I see you log in to the league website. Anyone wishing to discontinue their league participation please contact the League Commissioner promptly (by email, text message, phone, or in person) as we will have a number of procedures to follow once you forfeit your team (Canons IV. Team Transfers). Your promptness and help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Have a good Summer.

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