Monday, August 29, 2011

The 2011 Brothers Keeper 5 Draft Results

On Saturday August 27th 2011 at 5 PM CST the entirety of the 10 team Brothers Keeper fantasy football league finally sat down for the highly anticipated good time of food and drafting. The League Commissioner noted it was the first time the whole league had met together in person. It was a tour de force of manhood. Basically a whole lot of fun ribbing and jawing and competing for the 2011 trophy.

A great big thank you to J Smith (Yankinfowlsandfeline) for his very good BBQ. He procured the meats of every standard BBQ variety and smoked 'em good with pecan and cherry woods. It was fantastic. As a budding smoker of meats myself I was pleased with the results of so many items. He served up ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, and sausage along with his take on grits. Take a gander for yourself. We had so much we had to-go boxes and I polished mine off for breakfast the next day. Thanks again J Smith for your kind sacrifice of time and money. I hope our smiles and gushing over your feast offerings were pleasing to your ears. Excellent job and thanks so much.

It was an exceptional draft too. Rilvaries were stoked and a whole lot of smiles were visible. Poor D Kessler had his preferred picks drafted right before him often enough that he left the drafting table in consternation at one point not knowing it was his pick to draft. M R Smith called out in the middle of the draft that A Foster was injured trying to throw P Smith off his game. It was true but nothing could be done to make the reigning champ waiver in his foot steps.

Thank you guys for the good time and being so cooperative in making it go so smooth. File it away in the good memory bank even if you don't like your draft (right D Kessler?). Thanks again for prying yourself out of your man caves and doing this draft justice with your presence. A handful of guys traveled from out of town to be there and that was not overlooked. Thanks, too, for filling out the Brothers Keeper blog questionnaire. I appreciated the input and hope to respond accordingly.

Here's the 2011 Brothers Keeper 5 Fantasy Football Draft results (to download):

Good luck on your fantasy season.

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