Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The First Ownerless Team Transfer in Brothers Keeper

According to the Commissioner's post, J Fullerton (Kabuki Strikes Back) has left Brothers Keeper after four solid years of play. We wish him well in his pursuits and are thankful for his early notice to exit the league on charitable terms. As a result, this will be our league's first exercise in Rule IV. Team Transfers as recorded in The Canons of Brothers Keeper Fantasy Football. Here was the league's Commissioner's announcement:
Now due to Kabooki dropping out, we are going to offer his team up for grabs in the same order as the draft, If you change your team, you will also change your draft position. If someone changes there team with Kabooki's, then that person's team will be offered in the same order. and so on.
According to the new draft order, this is the following draft order for the upcoming 2011 Brothers Keeper Draft:

1. Simba's Buttkicker! (R Johnson)
3. Points ON the Bench (D Kessler)
4. Kabuki Strikes Back (formerly owned by J Fullerton)
5. Ghost (B Garner)
6. Redman's CatClippers (D Pilcher)
7. SOCIAL ISoTopes (M Peltonen)
8. Yankinfowlsandfeline (J Smith)
9. TheSloppyButts (M R Smith)
10. Yer X-MOM (P Smith)

If all teams decide to not forfeit their rostered team then the unowned team will be issued to M Mohler. But before we can do that we need to sequentially ask if each owner wants to give up their roster for the unowned roster from Kabuki Strikes Back.

The first person offered the team was R Johnson who has declined to forfeit his rostered team stating so in no uncertain terms:
I don't want the team. The team is not my style. They are not butt kickers. They are not potential winners. They are old. They are washed up. They are rejects. They are meant for the music man. The newcomer needs to take on the challenge to initiate his adds and drops and draft skills. Any newcomer like M [Mohler], that comes in, will change who he wants to clean house of the washed up bums that are on that stinking team. He'll improve it because he has demonstrated his skills in the competition of the baseball and golf leagues. So, I know he'll make it a better team with some work. Me.....if I take it, will only add more sorrow to my saga to the football legacy to rebuild another team. I have proved to all of you that my football team sucks and trying to build it to a better team is a better chance for me to pick first this year, not fifth.
R Johnson does not desire the roster and draft position of the team formerly known as Kabuki Strikes Back.
Next up, R C Smith. Next up D Kessler. Next up B Garner. Next up D Pilcher. Next up M Peltonen.

Next up, J Smith. We are awaiting your response. Please decide for yourself if you want to forfeit your team and take on the roster available. Then notify the league via the league message board or the Commissioner directly. I will make note of it on this post when you respond and move on tot he next step.

According to M Peltonen M Mohler will be offered the last league rejected ownerless roster team. It is recommended for the new owner to read The Canons of Brothers Keeper Fantasy Football League in it's entirety to familiarize himself with the rules governing league play. It is also recommended that one consider all the issues surrounding the take over of a previous team in a keeper league by reading Football Guys's article on the matter. There may also be other items worth investigating as well.

The league commissioner then welcomed the new league participant. "As commish I would like to be the first to Welcome M [Mohler] into the league. He is a very active fantasy player in many of our other leagues so I know you all will be happy with this addition."

I will post updates as I receive them on this entry:
UPDATE 1: R C Smith declined to take ownerless team saying, " PASS! Sorry!"
D Kessler is up.
UPDATE 2: D Kessler has declined to take the ownerless team according to the League Commissioner. B Garner is up.
UPDATE 3: B Garner has declined to take the ownerless team according to the League Commissioner. D Pilcher is up.
Update 4 D Pilcher and M Peltonen both declined to take the ownerless team according to the League Commissioner. J Smith is up.
Update 5 J Smith declined to take the ownerless team according to the League Commissioner. M R Smith notified me via IM that he declined to take over the ownerless team too. P Smith also rejects the ownerless team.

The team is now awarded to M Mohler.

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