Monday, August 22, 2011

Keeper Declaration Day: The 2011 Post-Keeper Pre-Draft Draft Order Sheet

All of the keeper selections have been made and reported. Thank you for your cooperation in notifying the League Commissioner in a timely manner.

In the chart below I have indicated a players prior consecutive years as a keeper with Y's in the far right column. The amount of times a player has been kept in consecutive years is the same number of Y's indicated. For instance, a keeper with YYY has been kept three times or three years in a row to be more precise. All 1st Rd value keepers, whether listed in the 1st Rd or 2d Rd etc. are also indicated next to the Y. There may also be instances whereby a 2d Rd value is noted for players a team. These notes are helpful for the following years. For example, this year R Johnson's Simba's Buttkicker!'s kept two 1st Rd keepers and one 2d Rd keeper. I listed a couple of 1st rounders in the 3d Rd with notation. In the far right column you will see the overall draft pick number for the empty picks. As you should be able to see there are only 111 picks in the upcoming draft now that keepers have been declared.

I will double check all the keeper value info tomorrow. If you see any errors please let me or the League Commissioner know promptly for correction. Thanks.

I am waiting for M Mohler's answer on the order of M Colston WR and K Moreno RB. Since they are both 3d Rd keepers one needs to be determined as a 2d Rd keeper. Right now K Moreno is temporarily listed as a 2d Rd keeper. I will confirm or modify it when I am notified. Confirmed.

Now for your viewing pleasure, the updated 2011 Brothers Keeper Post-Keeper Pre-Draft Draft Order Sheet with keepers:

I will email the league the document. It also can be accessed online and downloaded.

Please be sure to note the draft date, time and location. Make plans to be there and partake in the fun! Stay tuned to the league message board too. I'm sure more final details will be there concerning any possible food arrangements.

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